How did my finances turn into this?

You toss and turn trying to get some sleep—hoping that somehow something might change tomorrow that can help you deal with this.  You hardly remember how the conversation went, just the awful pressure you felt as the caller reminded you how much money you owe.  They didn’t have to get nasty about it.

Sure, over the years things have been tight financially, but at least it felt normal.  And it was working.

There was the morning routine—making breakfast and getting the kids to school.  Long days at work and never quite enough time at home in the evening.  After an hour or two of TV, browsing the internet, or perhaps a game on your phone—just trying to finally unwind—you’d eventually head off to get some sleep.

Not exactly happily ever after . . . but it wasn’t bad.

This is bad.  In fact, it feels like a disaster.  This isn’t the way my life was supposed happen.

What’s worse is that it seems like life is all of a sudden entirely out of your control.  It used to be that if the car broke, you called the mechanic, he fixed it, you paid him.  New tires?  Definitely a pain, but you could scratch and find the money.  Better that than waiting on the side of the road for a tow truck, right?  But now?  You can tell that the tire tread is getting thinner and thinner.

This is no leaky radiator.  You know that just like the call to the mechanic, now you’d better talk to an attorney.  After all, your life, your family, your house, your retirement, and who what else could be on the line.  And you feel powerless because you don’t know how to find the leaks.

Why can’t I get any answers?

Lawyers are scary. Not fangs and a cape scary, but scary because they’re dealing with “the law” and “the law” is scary.  Plus, they like to make everything so confusing with all their paperwork, legal words, and negotiations.

Bankruptcy just seems like some kind of black box where your whole life goes in one side and a sterile piece of paper comes out the other. Isn’t your life more than just a “case”, your retirement more than just a “plan”, and aren’t your kids more than just “dependents”?

I guess lawyers know what’s going on inside that box. If only they’d be more willing to share that information with you. It’s like the whole system works by keeping you in the dark, even though your life is the one that’s being turned upside down.

There’s got to be a better way

Our clients love that we leverage technology, information, and people to advance their cause.  They tell us to keep doing what we’re doing.  They love it and you will, too.

You see, we understand the pressure you’re under.  Collectors will say anything to put you on edge and get you to pay.  To them, the ends justify the means.  And, they don’t care that it’s money you don’t have.

It’s time to take control

We can work with your crazy schedule and make filing bankruptcy as painless as it can be for you.  Want to stop the collection calls?  Once we’re hired, you can give them our phone number.  Need to send us documents?  Fax, scan, or just take a picture with your phone and forward it.  Need to sign documents?  We do that electronically, too.  Easy peasy.  We’ll do whatever it takes to take the stress away and get your future back on track.

The first step is protecting yourself

You never expected to have to deal with a bankruptcy attorney. Nobody does. But, everything seems like a big mystery and your life feels like it’s in free-fall.

You begin protecting yourself by talking to us. We’ll set up a confidential teleconference where we can talk about your situation.  You’ll likely start confused and with lots of questions, but you’ll finish our conversation with a clear idea of how to move forward with your life. It may feel like your world is collapsing around you, but we’re here to take you through the process with safety and security.