Why would I want to file bankruptcy?


We speak with consumers and entrepreneurs across Utah every day about their financial matters.  If you are struggling with garnishments, judgments, or back taxes . . . you can find help in bankruptcy.  For those facing foreclosure or repossession of a vehicle, bankruptcy may be the answer.  Tax liens, garnishments, and foreclosure can cost you everything you have worked for in life.  Our clients tell us that they want to be fair, but they don’t want to get taken advantage of or abused by their creditors.

The advantages of bankruptcy should be self-evident. When it comes down to it, bankruptcy is often the only option that will produce real relief from your financial burdens. And, filing bankruptcy can also be the least expensive solution, too.  Eliminating or considerably reducing credit card and other financial obligations can profoundly help your budget. It’s a tax-free way to get a fresh start financially for those who qualify.

Some people wonder about the impact bankruptcy will have on their credit.  Unfortunately, my experience is that generally the credit of those considering bankruptcy has already been hit hard.  Bankruptcy provides a pathway back to a healthy financial and credit situation.  Bankruptcy can clear up old balances, help qualify for new loans, and you can then rebuild your history by making timely payments.

But, time is not your friend, so don’t wait.  Some actions by creditors can actually complicate your bankruptcy case.

In most cases, you will NOT need to appear in court.

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